Views and Opinions on the world's favourite team
If Kevin Strootman is unavailable due to his injury problems, who should we be targetting for deep lying playmakers/defensive midfielders?

Is Carrick/Blind enough? Is the Rooney experiment over?

Carrick is a class act but he's been injury prone and is only getting older. Blind is versatile and solid but isn't top drawer when it comes to playmaking and passing vision. Herrera has the energy to play box-to-box but lacks the defensive qualities and playmaking qualities for that role. Rooney has the defensive strength and passing skill but doesn't seem to have the vision for attack from deep midfield.

Do we need a new signing and if so, who is it? Or can one of those players (Herrera or Blind) be developed into that role while Carrick plays out a few seasons?

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The rumours, the opinion
Does Man U need a new defender?

We need SEVERAL.

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Talk about the team's management, and the coaching staff supporting them
Van Gaal asks media about Falcao's English...

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Other Premier League teams & international competition
Emmanuel Adebayor can't be loaned. Why?

Shots fired.

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Your favourites from the past and present
What's your favourite Giggs moment?

FA Cup Semi 99?

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Xbox, Playstation and PC banter
Xbox One or PS4? Discuss ;)


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Discussion and announcements regarding your community
Tweet Embedding

You can now embed a tweet in a post, just paste in the URL and it'll be there.

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